Naci Kazon, Head of Çanakkale E-Type Penitentiary Prison and Authorised Teacher Sevgi Baytimur have visited CCCI Chairman Selçuk Semizoğlu at CCCI Congress and Fair Centre.


Giving statement on the courtesy visit, Mr. Semizoğlu said “They perform a difficult and stressful duty. We have discussed establishing a “Electricty Energy Workshop” and the training and employment activities that facilitate adaptation of convicts to social and economic life after being released from prison. We have conducted this activity with the Çanakkale Open Penitentiary Prison. We have undertaken the project to establish “Tin Production Workshop” by providing project writing support to the Southern Marmara Development Agency (SMDA). The project has been approved receiving the highest grant.


Stating that they follow the works and projects of the Chamber for development of the region, Naci Kazon, Head of Çanakkale E-Type Penitentiary Prison also stated that he believed there could be more cooperation among the two institutions in the future.


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