The monthly meeting of CCCI Professional Committee No 10 has been held in Bayramiç District together with member visits.


CCCI Board has met the members of Sectoral Committees No 10, which predominantly operate in food products wholesale and agricultural cooperatives, to discuss topical issues affecting construction sector and commerce.


The meeting has been attended by Fahrettin Ersoy CCCI Vice Chairman and the Committee Member, Kadir Alaylı President of Committee No 10, Seçkin Sezer Vice President of Committee No 10, Tuncay Önal the Committee Member and Chamber Representative of the Committee Gökhan Doğru.


Fahrettin Ersoy, CCCI Vice Chairman has stated “The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a Chamber that is capable of representing every sector with more than 8,000 members and 21 Professional Committees. We ask our Professional Committees to identify the problems and solutions in their sectors and forward them to the Board of Directors. For the demands and suggestions submitted to the Board of Directors, we contact the relevant institutions and organisations through official channels, and we cooperate with the interlocutors of the issue using the lobbying power of our Chamber.


Prior to the committee meeting, we have visited the Committee Vice President Elit Sezer at his work. We are proud that, as a member operating in the olive and olive oil production sector, he is one of our young entrepreneurs who has created the brand of Sezida and achieved the success of high value-added product production that we aim for in our region.”

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