Rahim Kaşdemir Çanakkale Anafartalar Branch Manager visited CCCI Chairman Selçuk Semizoğlu on February 3.

Giving information on the visit held at CCCI Congress and Fair Centre, Chairman Selçuk Semizoğlu expressed; “The banking sector is very essential for our members to continue their trade activities and to create a healthy cash proceed system. Commercial loans are a method of credit that enterprises mostly resort to. As business community, we expect the base interest rates lowered by the Central Bank to be reflected in commercial loan interest rates. The expansion of the range of support provided to production, employment and exports gives us confidence. In the banks, we have significantly improved the difficulties experienced by our members regarding the length of their collateral and loan application periods by conveying them to the relevant authorities. Our members can convey their problems to our Secretary General Sema Sandal. I would like to thank Yapı Kredi Canakkale Anafartalar Branch Manager Rahim Kaşdemir for his kind visit.”
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