Selçuk Semizoğlu, the Chairman of Canakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended the “See The Light Ceremony” in Ayvacık-Küçükkuyu T-2 Tunnel on February 1, where Adil Karaismailoğlu the Transport and Infrastructure Minister was present.

Giving information on the ceremony, CCCI Chairman Selçuk Semizoğlu stated; “The region, which has completely changed through the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, will connect the North Marmara to the South Marmara and Aegean after the completion of ring roads (bypass) connection tunnels such as Ayvacık-Küçükkuyu. Our province is increasing its status as a centre of attraction with recent investments in transportation. We anticipate that Çanakkale's competitiveness and added value to the country's economy will increase with the launch of bridges, tunnels and connected ring roads in all sectors, from tourism to industry. We also find very valuable to the country's economy the benefits of time and fuel savings to be obtained as a result of shortening the roads. The road crossed in 1 hour can now be crossed in 5 minutes. This will also minimise the risks of possible accidents and help prevent the loss of life and property. As a representative of Çanakkale business World, I would like to thank Canakkale MP Jülide İskenderoglu and all the bureaucrats who contributed and especially Bülent Turan the Ak Party Group Deputy Chairman and Çanakkale MP, for the uninterrupted and timely implementation of investments made in our province.”
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